Project Staking

Earn interest staking real estate projects.

Compounding Shares

Members dues grow their shares monthly.

Home Equity Swap

Liquidity from your real estate equity.

Predictable Gains

Compounding Returns

Bonds provide a way for investors to support housing stability while ensuring predictable interest gains & participation in dividends based on project cashflow. 

  • Accessible real estate investing with low minimums.
  • Superior liquidity, trade your shares anytime.
  • Managed optimized treasury.
  • Auto staking for member dues & dividend returns
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Why winDAOs?

Housing Security Matters

Qualifying to buy a home is increasingly difficult.

The old model is broken as more and more people are priced out of the real estate market.

We're looking to change the way people buy and invest in real estate using DEFI & a fractional ownership model.

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The OG Team

Experienced entrepreneur with multiple exits.


Fundraising & community management